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9th edition

19th - 20th July 2014


Village Art Fair

The Italian Body-painting Festival will be on 19th and 20th July and from the morning the audience will be able to enjoy the performances of the artists.

During the evening-strings the painted bodies will be shown to all the audience.

In the "Carrara Bottagisio" Park we will introduce another news: the Art-Village Fair.

In the park you will find some little wood-houses, that wil be used as exhibition and commercial areas for factories that want to promote and sell their products and their offers.


If any factory is interested in this areas, pleas send an E-MAIL


That's not the only news in this edition, there's also "Lago di Garda loves Hip-Hop - Summer Jam 2014". During the body-painting contest on the stage will perform rap groups and singers (on Saturday 19th July) and Hip-Hop dance groups (on Sunday 20th July).


And we're preparing some other surprises!