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9th edition

19th - 20th July 2014




Bodypainting is body-art, it's temporary, despite from the tatoos, the work of art will disappear after few hours.

It's all about the most coloured event on the Lake of Garda, as well as the only international event about body-painting in Italy, where a lot of artists challenge friendly, using all their tecnical abilities: from brush painting to airbrush, including special effects. The audience, who's getting wider and wider every year, shows a great feeling with the painters, who are able to turn their models into a work of art in couple of hours.

The 9th edition will be settled in Bardolino on the 19th and 20th July and will be hosted in the Villa "Carrara Bottagisio" Park, with a view on the beatiful lake promenade. The crowd of turists, as much as the fans of this kind of art, will be able to attend the festival for free.


There will be a body-painting contest and the audience will enjoy the performances of some of the best artists in the world.

At the same time there will be a photo exhibition with the painted bodies and various music performances. At the end of the contest the 2014 Italian Body-painting Champion will be elected by an artistic commitee.


That's also an interesting event for the photographers: a photo set will be served for the authorized photographers, on which all the body-paintings will be shown.