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9th edition

19th - 20th July 2014




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On Saturday morning from 10am to 2pm 


- Introduction about the structure of the flash to use in the studio and outdoor, power regulation and settings for remote control of the torches from computer or from remote commander 
- Description and practical examples of the main light schedules to use indoor to obtain different effects, focusing on the settings to realize Hi Key and Low Key photos
- Description on how to use the flash outdoor and how to compensate for imbalances in case of exposure to direct sunlight
- All the participants can shoot with a model


On Sunday morning from 10am to 2pm 


- Introduction about the color in the digital photography, description of the various settings for the balance of white and the direction of colors
- Explanation on how to obtain color matching from the real time of shooting to the print 
- Description and explanation of the necessity and utility of the calibration of the work-monitor





1st Level - Friday 18th July - From 10 am to 6 pm 
€ 150,00

For info and subscription fill out this FORM

Subscriptions will be open till 12th July 2014
The workshop will be organized only with a minimum of 10 people and it will have a maximum of 20 people.


The ColorSensation Team, who is composed by three italian champions with also international awards (Flavio Bosco, Fiorella Scatena, Elena Tagliapietra), together with the italian and world champion Johannes Stoetter will make a course (theoretical and practical) about the art of bodypainting.
The program is studied for all the people who want to get closer to the bodypainting world and it's also for make-up artists, who can improve their style with new suggestions. The finality of the course is to give and important background of bodypainting, an art that is becoming always more important in the media world.
The participants will use the equipment and the materials needed for bodypainting.
During the 8 hours course there will be technical and theoretical lessons, focusing on the interpretation of the theme, the use of the brush and the sponge, the airbrushing and basical special effects.
The explanation will be supported by videos and pictures. We suggest you to bring paper and pen, color pencils and your equipment, if you have already got one.


Concept and Composition
Teacher: Johannes Stoetter
(2012 World Champion, 2011 and 2013 Italian Champion)
The introduction will be about the history of bodypainting, from the origins to nowadays. You will learn how to prepare a bodypainting, the creation of the sketch, the interpretation of the theme and the combination of colors.


Brush and Sponge
Teacher: Elena Tagliapietra
(2007 Italian Champion, 3rd classified in the 2011 World Championship cat: Special Effects)
You will learn how to choose the equipment of a bodypainter: the various types of colors, pencils, glitters, sponges and brushes to obtain multiple effects. You will also learn how to prepare the skin of the model and how to manage the model. Then you will practice on skin what you will realize on paper. You can also bring your equipment, if you've got one, so we can check together the characteristics and the quality.


Teacher: Flavio Bosco
(2006 Italian Champion, 2nd classified in 2012 and 2013 World Championship cat: Airbrush)
You will be able to try and enjoy the newest techniques of painting, experimenting the airbrush, an instrument that helps you to recreate faithfully lettering and logos, but also to achieve perfect shades, thanks to its special stencils.
You'll know which airbrush is better for your style and you'll know how to use new materials and colors.


Special Effects
Teacher: Fiorella Scatena
(2009 World Champion cat: Special Effects, 2011 Italian Champion and 3rd classified in 2011 World Championship)
You will learn how to change a body using special effects techniques.
You will know which materials and which cosmetics available on the market (colored contact lenses, fake blood, adhesives and release agents, latex, plasticine, polyurethane, silicone rubbers, etc..) you should use.
We will illustrate the techniques and tools needed to sculpt, mold techniques to reproduce an object, such as taking an anatomical cast and the application of prosthesis on the body.






The Italian Bodypainting Festival present a WB ACADEMY SPECIALS PROGRAM workshop,
on Friday 18th July, from 10:00 AM to 07.00 PM
€ 180,00

Workshop "Intense 1 day headpieces class"
Teacher: Alex Hansen

In this workshop you will discover possibilities to use interesting materials as Eva Foam (fun foam). Alex will share with you an interesting technique for creating lightweight structures of any type and design. Creating a basic framework and structure by cutting and pasting, after drawing your own and unique design. A wonderful addition to your costume or bodypainting work!


Costs including all materials and equipment / certificate of the WBA, the "World Bodypainting Association". Booking at this link.

All needs are provided, you don't have to bring anything except good mood ;)