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9th edition

19th - 20th July 2014



22nd June

Also a selection of "Miss del Garda" and "Mister del Garda" will take part in this edition of the Italian Bodypainting Festival. The Agency "Look & Style", together with the Festival Production, will make a selection between the two Beauty contest of the last years, who are part of the Festival. Boys and Girls, who will be introduced by Laura Zambelli, will model in "Carrara Bottagisio" Park on Sunday 20th July, from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. 
The first classified of the selection will take part in the finale on the 23rd August in Garda. 


19th June 
"Hollywood Dance Club" is now a partner of the Italian Bodypainting Festival. On Saturday 19th July, at the end of the Festival, the Artistic Direction will select five painters with their models and they will be going to be special guests in one of the most exclusive clubs of the Lake of Garda. At 11:00 p.m. the models will be shown in the club and a jury will judge the best three painted bodies, who will get special awards from the Hollywood direction. Also the other artists will be able to participate to the special night in Hollywood. 


12th June

From this edition there will be also the "Kids Village", dedicated area for kids, who will enjoy a great time during the Festival and there will be also the "Facepainting" with beautiful sketch by Barbatrucco. 


3th june

Gardaland has become a new important partner of the Italian Body-painting Championship. Thanks to the agreement reached between the Production of the Italian Bodypainting Festival and the amusement park, on monday 21st July all the painters and the models of the Festival will have a free access to the biggest amusement park in Italy, just to enjoy a great day after the Festival. To the assistants, carers or friends there will be special discounts on the prize of the ticket.


26th May
A lot of bodypainting and photography workshops there will be in this edition of the Italian Bodypainting Championship. On friday 18th July, from 10 am to 6 pm, our teachers will introduce this art to all the artists who are interested in it. In the mornings of Saturday 19th and Saturday 20th July also the photographers can take part to two workshops, just to get ready for Festival. More info in this page.

foto Massimo Mazzasogni


22nd May
The Italian Bodypainting Festival's jury has been selected. Alex Barendregt will make his third appearance in the jury, he is the organizer of the World Bodypainting Festival. Also the brazilian artist Alex Hansen will be a member of the jury, together with Johannes Stoetter, the Italian Champion in 2013. The italian artist Willow will make his first appearance. The artist direction of ColorSensation Team will seal the decisions of the jury. More info in this page.


19th May 
The Rules of the photography and video contest has been published. In the last edition this contest had a great success, a hundred photographers and video operators from every part of Italy. In the 2014 edition it is expected almost two hundred of challengers, with photographers and video operators from other Europeans countries. The Rules can be found in this page


13th May 
"Italian Bodypainting's Friends" is born, the new initiative of the Italian Bodypainting Festival that wants to develop synergies and experience exchanges just to permit a faster development of the Bodypainting movement in Italy. Right from 2015 and the festivals in Italy will be able to affiliate to the Italian Bodypainting Festival. All the information in this page.


30th April

"Parco Giardino Sigurtà" has become a prestigious sponsor of the Italian Bodypainting Festival. The agreement consists in the collaboration in the event "Truccati da Campione" (Painted by the champion), on Saturday 20th September, in the "Parco Giardino Sigurtà" Park, in Valeggio sul Mincio. In the event the top three classified in the Italian Bodypainting Festival will dedicate their art to the visitors of the park, painting their faces in such a nice location


11th march

The Saturday night rap singers have been chosen: "Bat & MDT", "Zampa", "Capstan", "Jap" and "Altropianeta Team". And some other news are coming!

5th march

The Art-village fair has been settled. The stores wil be used as exhibition and commercial areas for factories that want to promote and sell their products and their offers. See more here


1st february

Application are officially opened! We hope to see a crowd of people taking part at the event. On Saturday 19th July there will be the first exhibition with the theme:"Colour of the world: from the cave paintings to the street art". On Sunday 20th July there will be the final exhibition with the theme:"Four seasons...Life seasons".
If you're looking for more info click here


20th january

New style to our website! Day by day we'll give you more and more info about the 9th Italian Body-painting festival.