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9th edition

19th - 20th July 2014



The Festival offers great chances for professional and amateur photographers and videomaker, that will be able to capture the body-painting works created by the artists.

Authorized photographers and videomaker can access to special areas dedicated to them: the backstage area during the show and the photo set with the works of art.

The access to the backstage area will be permitted Saturday 19th July from 13:30 and Sunday 20th from 12.30 till 18.00.

The painted model will be judged in the commitee area (no photographers allowed) and then they'll be shown in the photo set.

There will be "only-photographers and videomaker" areas and who wants to enjoy the experience has to subscribe as "authorized photographer" and "authorized videomaker" in the module that can be downloaded at the bottom of the page.

The "PASS" will be given to the authorized photographers and videomaker at the Info-Point at the start of the Festival, with some additional information about the contest.

With the aim of a more engaging presence a "Photo Contest" and "Video Contest" will be settled, where the best shoots will be judged and the best one will receive the "Best Shoot Award".



The application as "authorized photographer" and "authorized videomaker" gives you the chance to compete in the Photo-contest.


Just to get the application faster, the photographers and videomakers must send an e-mail or a fax (+390456210600) or just delivery the following documents:

1) the application form, completed and signed;
2) the release, completed and signed;
3) a copy of identity card or driving license;
4) the payment of the application fee (40€ or 60€), just in time as it is said in the Photo-contest rules.


You can receive the necessary documentation signing up online, filling out the following application: clicking here



RULES 2014