The Italian BodyPainting Festival took place for the first time in 2006 on the Lake Garda, following the first experience the year before during the TV Program "Festival del Garda", settled in Limone del Garda. Since the first edition the production of this event has been realized by the Promobenacus society, which is based in Bardolino (Vr) in via Marconi 26, assisted by the "Benacus" cultural association.


Right in 2006 Promobenacus realized the TV format dedicated to the body-painting, developing it year by year, and transmitting it in some local TV channels also in 2013. In 2014 edition there will be some other innovations.


Promobenacus moved its first steps producing shows with the first edition of "Il Festival del Garda" (website) in 1996, an event that gathers three regions (Lombardia, Trentino Alto-Adige and Veneto) and four provinces (Brescia, Mantova, Trento and Verona). It's all about a summer roadshow and in 2001 it managed to take place in 21 lake-towns. The height of its success came in the years between 2004-2007 with the airplay in the national channel "Rai 2". This was an incredible sponsorship for the Lake Garda, the Festival promoted the beautiful landscape.


After this event Promobenacus made other productions:


- in 2000 the beauty contest Miss del Garda" (website);

- in 2001 "Il Festival della Sardegna" (website), a roadshow similar to "Festival del Garda", that promoted the beauties of the worldwide famous island;

- in 2003 "Cantazzurro", a music roadshow in the Vicenza province;

- in 2005 "Gran Galà del Garda" (website), the new year's event, where some awards were given to people who contributed to promote Lake Garda in various fields, from entertainment to sport and leisure, from business to volouteering

- in 2006 "Italian Bodypainting Festival", the most coloured event on the Lake of Garda, as well as the only international event about body-painting in Italy, where a lot of artists challenge friendly, using all their technical abilities: from brush painting to airbrush, including special effects;

- in 2007 "Grandi Festivals Italiani" (website), that gathers festivals and competitions all around Italy, with a final event, where the main italian artists compete for four days and are judged by a commitee formed by the most important music personalities in Italy;

- in 2010 the beauty contest "Mister del Garda" (website);

- in 2011 the sport tournament "GardaSportCup" (website), where the youth teams from Brescia, Mantova, Verona and Trento can challenge for the tournament cup;

- in 2011 "Festival Veneto" (website), the first and the only one event in the venetian language




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