MILO MANARA, born in Luson (Bolzano) in 1945, is one of the most famous Italian cartoonists of the post-war period.


A draughtsman with a refined trait, he was able to create a dreamlike world populated by beautiful and impossible girls, so fascinating and ethereal as to be totally unreal.


In his long career he began to collaborate with Fellini and initially devoted himself to painting and advertising, while the world of comics saw him make his debut in 1969 in "Genius", an erotic-political series published by Furio Viano.


Another important collaboration is with Pedro Almodovar ("La feu aux entrailles", Paris 1993).


GIANCARLO ZUCCONELLI began his professional career as an illustrator in 1963.  Three years later he dedicated himself to adventure comics.


He collaborates with Mondadori and other publishing houses illustrating covers and scientific publications.


Since 1985 he has collaborated with L'Arena di Verona as a satirical artist.


He has been involved in photography since 1971 and has participated in national and international exhibitions.


In 2009, at the Centro Internazionale di Fotografia Scavi Scaligeri in Verona, an anthological exhibition of his work entitled "Visions" was set up.


EDOARDO FILIPPO PERETTI was born on 04/10/1992 in Verona.  His studies and passions unfold between the city and the province: a lover of vertiginous sports (climbing, paragliding, etc..) and a passionate visitor to the bookstores of the center.


He graduated from the Agli Angeli Institute following the classic European course and graduated five years later in Philosophical Sciences. In addition to the curriculum, he adds further exams of history in order to obtain the teaching qualification of the latter.


He is currently working as a support teacher at the Ipsar Carnacina high school in Valeggio and is studying to specialize in assisting students with disabilities in secondary school.  He has grasped in teaching understood as care; as a bridge between a private and intimate dimension and an openness to confrontation and mutual enrichment, her professional dimension.


CARLO CHIURCO was born in Trieste.  Stunned by bora, beauties in the bathroom, and Balkan-Mitteleuropean atmospheres,  matures at 18 years of age the unhealthy decision to study philosophy. Here he graduated and very soon began his academic career.


Since he is distracted, like all philosophers, he does not immediately realize that, to do these things, he is usually not paid, but in the end the revelation comes for him, so he starts to look for a job. Explainably, he finds it, and starts working for the Superintendence.


It's the turning point: he's the museum keeper, and so he spends his days in the midst of Bellini, Giorgione, Titian, Palma il Vecchio, Tintoretto, Veronese, Sebastiano Ricci, Tiepolo.  As if to say, the best of modern western art. Since then, even if he then managed to become a professor of philosophy at the university, art and painting have never abandoned him, and live happily ever after together


FRANCESCA CAVICCHIO, was born in Ivrea, Piedmont, but Ferrara is the city where she lives. She graduated from the experimental scientific high school with a focus on art and design, then graduated from the Polytechnic of Turin, Faculty of Architecture in Industrial Design.


In 2005, while working in Tunisia, she discovered body painting. Always competitive, she literally threw herself headlong into the world of bodypainting and competitions, collecting several placings in the top steps of the podiums including a 2nd and 3rd place in the Facepainting category at the Italian Championships in 2015 and 2016; a 5th place at the World Championships in Klagenfurt in 2017 and 2018; and finally the 1st place at the Italian Championships in Garda in 2018.


From here the step to the tattoo was short.  The passion for this world of art on the body pushes her to continue to experiment in a crescendo of new experiences.


GILBERTA BIANCHIN, born in Montebelluna (TV) in 1961, began her passion for art in the 80's primarily as an organizer of cultural activities in particular exhibitions of figurative arts.  During this activity she began a constant acquaintance with many Masters Painters, Sculptors, Engravers.


For many years she was involved in the organization of events.  Only a few years ago she decided to dedicate herself specifically to the world of Bodypainting, inspired and driven by family and personal events of suffering, illness and healing.


Since 2013 she has been taking part in national and international competitions with her sister Emilia.  Among other awards, in 2016 Argento in the Amateur category at the World Bodypainting Festival; for three consecutive times (always at the World Championships) she is ranked 4th in the Facepainting, Fluo and Team open categories. There are two Italian titles: Gold in the Facepainting (2017) and Fluo (2018) categories.  The immense satisfaction for the World Gold Category Installations comes in 2018.


GLORIA BORDIN, born in Montagnana (PD) in 1988, after graduating as a Master of Art she studied Art Graphics at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice. In 2012 she approached bodypainting through personal projects, combining body painting and photography. Since 2014 she has decided to participate in national and international competitions. In a short time her research extends to make up and special effects and she starts to make hats and accessories for bodypainting.


In 2016 she moved to Milan to attend the Accademia del Teatro alla Scala, graduating as a make-up artist and theater hairdresser and working in parallel for photographers, filmmakers, artists and the realization of events and theater shows.


After her debut at the Italian Bodypainting Festival in 2014, in 2016 she graduated as Italian Champion in the Special FX category, obtaining third place in the same category in 2017, while in 2018 her participation in the World Bodypainting Festival was tinged with silver, obtaining second place in the Team World Award category with Giulia Ronzoni.


MARZIA BEDESCHI was born in Padua in 1967, obtaining the Master's Degree, the Diploma of Master of Art in Painting Decoration and, in 1991, the Diploma in Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice.


Between 2007 and 2008 was born the pictorial cycle "Cosmocromie" where the Cosmo, a theme dear to her since childhood, is proposed on a series of canvases. This collection, since 2009, the world year of Astronomy, has been presented in various exhibition venues (including the Planetarium of Padua), often accompanied by live music.


The desire to discover new pictorial dimensions brought her closer to bodypainting in 2013, thus beginning to experiment with body painting. The discovery and especially the experimentation of this art, both ancient and modern, represented a sort of reincarnation. In bodypainting, painting comes to life thanks to the body that "wears" it and can finally dance, laugh and sing!


In 2016 she was Italian Champion in the Brush and Sponge category. Since July 2018 she has been the holder of the World Title.