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12th edition

17th - 18th June 2017




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MARZIA BEDESCHI was born in Padua in 1967, she graduated in Teaching Sciences, a bachelor as Maestro D’arte in Painting Decoration and in 1991 a Bachelor in Painting at Accademia di belle Arti in Venice. The she deepened her knowledge about different techniques: acrylic, watercolours and oil, while realizing  paintings both for private and for public places (murales, trompe d oil, paintings on commission, painting decorations) and having painting courses.


Between 2007 and 2008 the painting cycle Crosmocomie was born, where the protagonist is the Cosmo,dear to the artist since her childhood,  realized in a series of canvas. This collection, from 2009, world year of Astronomy, was presented in many places, like the planetario in Padua, sometimes along with live concerts.


The will for discover new painting dimensions moved her closer to body painting in 2013, so she started experimenting the painting on the bodies. The discovery and the experimentation of this art, so ancient and at the same time so modern, rappresented a sort of reincarnation, a transition: from the ethical and  thin worlds to the living materia! In the bodypainting the art is alive through the body that wears it, and finally it can dance, laugh and sing.

In 2016 she was Italian Champion in Sponge and Brush category.



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MARILENA CENSI was born in Rimini in 1972. Since her childhood she is interested in painting and drawing. She attended Artistic high school and she started realizing murales and paintings. She got her bachelor in 1990 and she worked for many years in the fashion world.

In 2002 she got closed to the art of the face painting, and in 2010 she discovered the bodypainting and she felt in love with it, starting painting bodies for events, photographic shootings and partecipati to many contest in Italy and worldwide. From 2011 she s been practicing belly painting , the art of paints bellies of mothers-to-be.

In 2014 she got two big achievements: third place at World championship in Austria in the faceprinting category and first place at Italian body painting festival.


FRANCESCA TARICIOTTI was born in Rome in 1977. Since her childhood she discovered her talent for drawing, deepening her formation at Accademia di belle arti of Rome.


Then she discovered the world of spray gun, studying various techniques by herself, discovering at the end the body painting in 2009.

She was Italian Champion in 2015 and 2016 in the spray gun category, second place in the world championship in the spray gun category in 2015, and fourth place in 2016. She is also teacher in Make up with spray gun , face painting and bodypainting in many academies in Italy.





Born on november 22nd 1983 in Tradate, in Varese province, she graduated in Scenography at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Milan. During the years she collaborated with scenic design studios and decoration, creating events, from the design to the actual production.

From the academic research on the theatre costumes, in 2008 she got near to bodypainting, setting up her passion with the creation of live performances and the staging with real painted characters, becoming a real professional in this field. Now she collaborates with professional photographers, she works for launch events, fairs, events, and advertisment.


In 2011 she participates to the Italian Bodypainting in Bardolino for the first time and she got the 3rd place. After her first time in 2012 at the World Bodypainting festival in Austria where she got the 4th place, in 2013 she got the 3rd place in the special effects category. Not satisfied, in 2014 she got the 3rd place at WBF and few weeks after she won the Italian Bodypainting Festival in Bardolino in the Special effects category


foto Mario Vitolo