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11th edition

4th - 5th Juny 2016





28th april


Hollywood Bodypainting Party will come back also this year! At the end of the first Championship day, on Saturday 4th June, all the artists, the models and (news) also the photographers of Festival will be hosted of the Hollywood Disco, on the High Hills of Bardolino. All the participants will get a rich buffet, great music and ….a great party!


12th april


And so also the 3rd Fabene Bodypainting has ended on sunday 10th april in Faenza during the “Faenza Benessere Festival” in Fiera di Faenza. An edition with a great audience, and with its participation to “Bodypainting’s friends” it permits to its winner to challenge in the italian championship on the 4th and 5th June on the Lake Garda.

Barbaba Passarini from Cento (FE) has won with Barbara Biemmi and her model Daniela Remina Nistoroiu (in the centre of the pic). The second classified was Maurizio Fruzzetti from Massa, with his assistant Debora Evangelisti, his model Azzurra Furgeri (on the left). Third classified was Francesca Cavicchio from Ferrara, with her assistant Francesca Cicero and her model Michela Saioni.

The jury was composed by Marzia Bedeschi together with two italian champions: Matteo Arfanotti and Flavio Bosco, the last one representing the Italian Bodypainting Festival.


The artistic direction was under the great Marilena Censi, also her is an italian champion, with the collaboration of Florido Venturi and Blu Nautilus


4th april


Colore sulla pelle 2016” is the new national contest of photography, first important result of the “Bodypainting’s Friends”.


The photographers now can participate with some pictures of one or more of the seven related Festivals of the “Bodypainting’s Friends”: “Fabene Bodypainting” of Faenza, the "Città di Firenze", "Italian Bodypainting Festival” on Garda Lake , "The body" in Andora (Savona), "Kermesse di Bodypainting” in Riposto in Sicilia, the "Bodypainting in vetrina" in Lido di Camaiore (Lucca) and the "Bodypainting nelle Dolomiti" in Auronzo di Cadore (Belluno). 

To participate you have to fulfill the attached form and pay the 30€ quote. 


The pictures will have to be made in the contests areas or during the exhibition on the stage in the days of the contests, and not necessary on the photo stage of each event. To have the access to this areas an extra quote has to be paid, that will be different for each festival. The participation to the contest doesn’t oblige the access to the private areas and the access in this areas doesn’t oblige the participation to the contest.


To the right, a photo of Michel Bonneau, winner of the 2015 photo contest.


For more info:



31th march


A new project of the Italian Bodypainting Festival has started. Thanks to the collaboration with the Artistic High School of Verona “Nani-Boccioni” and to the participation of its Head Teacher, Proff.ssa Mariangela Icarelli, in the Thursdays 7, 14, 21 of April we will organize three free courses of bodypainting in the high school for the students of the fourth year. The teacher will be the 2015 Italian Champion in Facepainting Barbara Passarini. The project is also supported but the Verona School Office.


It’s a pilot project of the Italian Championship. If we will certificate its validity and interest for the participants, we will support this project in the next years to more artistic high schools, trying to reach more young people and get them in touch with this art, following the will of maybe one day establish this art as curricular subject in all artistic institutes in Italy.


17th march


With the joining of “Città di Firenze” to “Bodypainting’s friends” now the partnerships has reached the number of 7! It’s the first contest of face and bodypainting of the Tuscany capital city and will be on saturday 30th April and on Sunday 1st May in the great Fortezza da Basso, during the 80th International Craft Fair.


In the jury there will be: Marilena Censi (2014 Italian Champion), the famous make up man Gabriele Filistrucchi, the make up artist Nicla Ottanelli and the painter Maurizio Fruzzetti.


The organization is made by Laura Colangelo: +393883481693 -


Also the winner of the Florence contest will have the right to participate in the Italian Championship that will be on the 4th and the 5th June in Bardolino, Italy’s Bodypainting Capital City.


Waiting for some new Friends, have a good bodypainting you all!!



10th march


The partnership with Parco Giardino Sigurtà goes on, the Park has been prized for “Second Best Park in Europe”.


Tre artist of the last edition of the Italian Bodypainting Championship will be the main characters in two colorful days in the Park in the next weeks. Sunday 17th April for “TULIPANINTRUCCO” and Sunday 15th May for “ROSATRUCCO”, Emilia Bianchin, Luana Bertotti and Francesca Cavicchio will transform, with their wonderful abilities, the visitors of the park of every age in wonderful tulips and roses, and also will satisfy every visitor’s wish.

And for the third following year, on Sunday 2nd October will come back in the wonderful Park the event “TRUCCATI DA CAMPIONE”. The Champion of the Category Facepainting of the Italian Bodypainting Festival, together with the 2nd and 3rd classified (that will be prized on sunday 5th June), will be main characters in this special day, where the artist with wonderful colors and fantasy will decorate with a great and majestic look the visitors of this beautiful green Park.


In case of bad weather the Direction will decide to cancel or to posticipate the event.
For info and timetables of the events: 



4th march


"The Body", the new bodypainting contest in Liguria on the 26th June in Andora takes part in "Friends".

With "The Body" now the related contests are six: "Italian Bodypainting Festival", The Body, FA.BENE Bodypainting in Faenza (Emilia Romagna), Kermesse di Bodypainting in Riposto (Sicily), Bodypainting in vetrina in Lido di Camaiore (Toscana) and Bodypainting nelle Dolomiti in Auronzo di Cadore (Veneto).

The winners of each contest will partecipate in the Festival and will be running in the Italian Championship in Bardolino, the italian capital city of Bodypainting.

The winners of each contest will partecipate in the Festival and will be running in the Italian Championship in June in Bardolino, the italian capital city of Bodypainting.


For info: - +393339120796 (Alice)




Waiting for some new friends..have a nice bodypainting to you all!!!


16th february

Again beautiful images of last summer, thanks to the collaboration with Verona Report.


In this third episode, the interviews to the organizer of the World Bodypainting Festival, Alex Barendregt, and to the artists Elisa Prandi from Trento, Fabrizia Capostagno and Rossella Maria Stravalli from Sciacca (Agrigento), Roberta Gazzetto from Monte Colombo (Rimini) and Anna Chapovalov from Bovolone (Verona).


Enjoy it!


5th february


The rules of the Italian Championship 2016 are now published.

There will be 5 categories: Brush and Sponge, Airbrush, Special Effects, Facepainting and Amateur.

Here is the link to see or download the rules:
The version in English will be ready soon.
The 11th edition is now! Join us!