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11th edition

4th - 5th Juny 2016




The Italian Bodypainting Festival is looking for partnerships with all the bodypainting festivals (smaller or bigger) in Italy, trying to create synergies and experience exchanges that will permit a faster development of the bodypainting movement in Italy.


So we decided to create "Bodypainting's Friends".


Starting from the 2015 edition all the bodypainting festivals, from Juny 2016 to May 2017, affiliated to the "Italian Bodypainting Championship" will have the chance to make their winner participate to the final of the Championship, skipping the selection day.


These are the rules for the adhesion to the Bodypainting's Friends:

Foto Silvia Panniello

1) the adherence to Friends will be free;
2) the production of "Italian Bodypainting Festival -  The italian championship of the painted bodies", during 2017, will offer room and board for one night to the winner an to one of the producers of the Challenge;
3) the adherent challenge guarantees to its winner the free participation to the 2017 Italian Bodypainting Championship;
4) the adherent challenge, for its finals, will offer the travel, room and board to a delegate of the Italian Bodypainting Festival, who could also take part in the jury;
5) the Italian Bodypainting Championship gives its partnership to the adherent challenge and the Promobenacus Production (owner of the trade mark) gives the authorization to use its logo.